The Gallery

A Galeria

Located in São Bernardo, the house with a typical Brazilian shell and a big backyard in the front transmits a warm and inviting atmosphere, from inside, the OMA Gallery presents a modern structure, able to receive all kinds of art.

All details have been carefully preserved and are exploited as part of visual communication of the Gallery. This is exactly the proposal, combining the sophistication of the biggest galleries with a unique way to produce and install culture in the neighborhood.

Since the beginning, OMA Gallery always focused on being a reference of art and culture in the region.

Imaging a place that would go beyond the art market and commercial representation of visual artists, OMA Gallery is exploring new ways inside this segment that includes a place for discussion, exchange and research. Based on that, we present some initiatives that came up naturally: OMA Education and OMA Cultural.

Inside OMA Education we develop projects together with ONG´s, schools and some other institutions that share the same interest as we do: build up better society to live, more critical and participatory of their own actions.

Inside OMA Cultural we promote activities focused on visual arts: workshops, regular discussions, accompaniment for artists and courses are some examples of how we are presenting the gallery as a place continuously searching for knowledge and reflective thinking.