Daniel Melim

39 YEARS OLD. São Bernardo do Campo – SP

Graduated in Arts by FATEA in 2002 and postgraduate in Visual Languages at FASM in 2005.

“The work of Daniel Melim should be read by the sum of several layers – Layer 1: Gesture. The artist works are produced in an expanded time when the process involves the choice of materials and way of paint. His gesture highlights the intertwining of aspirations with everyday experiences. Layer 2: Overlapping. They are textures that emphasize the movement of “see and see through” (…). Layer 3: Composition. The paintings are composed of a sociopolitical presence (…) this presence is located between the complaint and irony to keep the everyday elements represented in their vibrant colors. ” Ananda Carvalho – Critical and independent curator

He has participated in exhibitions in Brazil, as at MASP in 2009, and in countries like France, England and Switzerland, among others, has artworks in important private and institutional collections as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo collection and Afro Museum in São Paulo, Brazil.

OMA Gallery works exclusively with the multiples of Daniel Melim.