Thiago Toes

He was art assistant of important names in the world visual arts circuit as such OSGEMEOS, which interest him for his own authorial production.

Originate in Graffiti, Thiago threats his artwork dissociated to the one made on the streets.
It is common in his work elements like non- characterization of the human figure and the representation of the universe.

The union of these themes is when the artist invites us to reflect on stereotypes of modern society. “His work takes us to the most elementary and primitive sensations of empty while proposing to observe and rethink our place in the space.” Mariana Melleu – Independent curator.

He has participated in exhibitions around Brazil and abroad, including in the United States, England and Germany. He was selected for residency at the 13th International Week of Lüben Art, in Germany. His works are part of important private collections.